Vouvray (“voo-vray”) is a white wine made with Chenin Blanc grapes that grow along the banks of the Loire River in the Touraine district of France. Along the valleys, soils warm up quickly under the moderating influence of the ocean which tails of gradually as the Loire flows to the heart of the vineyards. Sunny autumns encourage over-ripening and noble rot. Demi-sec, sparkling and sweet production depends on variations in the weather, and vintage is a determining factor. Excellent dry Vouvray wines are produced every year.


GRAPES: Chenin Blanc

TASTE:  Fresh aromas of melon, lemons and minerals are clean on the nose. Ripe melon explodes on the palate, quickly followed by refreshing minerality and lingering notes of white wild flowers, honeysuckle and lemon zest.

PAIRINGS: Rich fish (salmon, tuna etc), Vegetarian, Poultry, Mild and soft cheese

Winemaking notes – Planting density: 6,600 vines per hectare Low fan pruning. 52 hl/ha for still wines, 65 hl/ha for sparkling.

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