Bigger Get Together


The Bigger Together charcuterie board is perfect for the open-house you have scheduled next week, the family party coming up, or the office party to celebrate any occasion! The Bigger Together board roughly serves about 10-15 people.

Production Dimension: 16’’ Pine Wooden Board

Step One: Choose Your Board * 

Wooden Board
Our wooden boards are hand-selected by our founders to meet the elegance of your event. With this option, you get to keep your board.
Rental Board
Rental boards must be returned within 4 business days. Your order details will have the location address to return the board.
Supply Your Board & You Board
If you have bought a board with us in the past, you can drop it off at the designated location listed on your order details withing 48hrs before your scheduled order.*Only Board & You charcuterie boards that have been purchased from Board & You can be used for this option.

Step Two: Customize Your Board

Additional Ingredients

Please select any additional ingredients you would like on your board at additional costs.

Allergies or Nutrition Requirements

Please select any possible ingredients that you would like us to substitute for on your board.

Step Three: Any Special Instructions?

Is there any special instructions you would like to add to your board. If we feel like these could potentially be additional costs, your pickup or delivery location will be in contact with you.